Susanna Plotnick

Painter, Illustrator & Doll-maker


Genevieve, My Familiar, A Gothic Fairy Tale

Lizabeth was born in Celtic Britain to a tribe of witches. She was brought together with her beloved Genevieve, a beautiful white dog, at the age of six, in their first coming of age ceremony. They were to become witch and familiar, and do magic together.

After many years of study with the Wizard Morcant and his familiar, the Cardinal Crustadelle, they were ordained as Wiccan Priestesses.

Genevieve, My Familiar follows Lizabeth and Genevieve through their flight from Europe during the witch hunts through their life in the new world, where they must keep their identities a secret.

After many centuries of guile and deception, they are able to work openly as witch and familiar in contemporary New York City, where witches are sought after and revered. They have endured many formidable enemies over the centuries, but they almost meet their match in the form of Felicity, a fake “white witch.”

Read Genevieve, My Familiar to understand the closeness of the witch and familiar bond.

Genevieve, My Familiar is illustrated with twenty-seven intricate graphite drawings, and is available in a limited edition.