Susanna Plotnick

Painter, Illustrator & Doll-maker


20th Century Circus

After several centuries of following Adam’s rules and hiding their true identities, the witches arrive in New York City.

They are shocked to see their witch behaviors practiced openly on the streets, on the subways, and in the clubs. They come to feel safe and realize that they will be accepted, applauded, and even ignored without hiding.

Only Raven heeds her dreams and visions. The others are too exhilarated by their freedom.

Always the most reckless, Michael has an affair with an attractive detective. Trouble starts when the detective becomes suspicious of Michael’s powers and manages to get a sample of his, and Michael’s snake familiar Aval’s, DNA.

Being found out could have devastating consequences for the witches, for the mortals, and even the future of humanity.

Book illustration by Susanna Plotnick