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Illustrating The Snow Queen, Part 3 - What I have learned from The Snow Queen, Then and Now

2 February 2015

This is what I have learned from The Snow Queen, when I was a child, and as an adult:

1) Hans Christian Andersen broke all the rules. He did not hold back on writing about horror and the heart-wrenching sides of life. Yet his stories live on in multiple retellings and interpretations, to the present day. This inspires me as an artist.

2) Most of the heroic characters in The Snow Queen are female. Instead of the usual fairy tale scenario of a prince rescuing a princess, we have a girl rescuing a boy. This gave me a new perspective, as a girl growing up in the 50’s.

3) The emotional range from the delicate, pretty, and religious, to the brutal, heartless and sadistic is all there. it is all part of life, and art.

4) Love, and courage, and perseverance can overcome the cold and melt a heart of ice.

The attached video is Aepril Schaile, a gothic belly dancer, interpreting The Snow Queen.

Aepril Schaile dances The Snow Queen

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